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[JOBS ALERT]: Looking for Data Nerds!

29 de Junio de 2015.

Data Engineer Internship

Data Engineer with medium to high development skills to curate current databases to feed some algorithms. Algorithm testing (input/output) depending


Data Scientist Internship

Data Scientist supporting fine tuning and improvements on Bayess Networks algorithms depending on cognitive models. Data Curation to support this changes. Python 2.7/3.2 programming.

The State of Digital Education

17 de Abril de 2015.

Here’s an interesting infographic we came across from The Next Web. At Infantium we still think that machine learning and Artificial General Intelligence can solve one of the world's global challenges for the next decade.


state of digital education

Infantium funded by EU’S Horizon 2020 under the “SME Instrument" call

14 de Enero de 2015.

Happy and sweet days for Infantium. After a really intense year, full of unbreakable inspiring opportunities, such as Singularity University’s summer at NASA AMES, last week we received one of the most amazing news to start the new year full of energy keeping the had work: we made it into phase 2 of the SME ...

[REOPENED!] New Position: Python Hacker Request!

29 de Junio de 2015.


Your goal will be designing, development and continuous integration and deployment of data and Web APIs, giving support to mobile games, cognitive live reports and Data Science and Big Data processes from a data collecting and storing perspective. Technologies used are pure Python3K language, frameworks like Django or Falcon, Celery, and MongoDB, Redis and PostgreSQL ...

Infantium's got Softlayer Catalyst Startup

16 de Noviembre de 2014.


We are pleased to announce the agreement with Softlayer to move the Infantium's Data infrastructure to the IBM cloud company. Infantium has been selected for the Catalyst Program for a special offer not yet public of USD$10.000 monthly credits, instead of regular USD$1.000 credit program for selected startups. The program ...

We're Hiring!

11 de Diciembre de 2014.


Cognitive systems like Infantium will transform how people learn, helping schools, parents, and institutions to better manage and improve the unique human capabilities to learn. Infantium is trying to replicate human intelligence, creating the world’s most advanced computational cognitive architecture to personalize and maximize learning for each individual person. Combining neuroscience, machine learning and cognitive ...

Infantium a Singularity University, impacto en la vida de un billón de personas

18 de Junio de 2014.


Momentos dulces para Infantium. Hace unas semanas recibimos probablemente una de las mejores noticias desde que iniciamos esta Aventura –junto a la de haber sido ganadores del MIT Jóvenes Innovadores, y mención especial de Innovadores Sociales del año: vamos a Singularity University como uno de los ganadores de la Global Impact Competition.


Infantium ha ...

Guía sobre los últimos avances en la industria del elearning

18 de Junio de 2014.


Junto a los recientes avances en el campo de la educación y la tecnología, el e-learning también ha pasado por cambios rápidos e imprevisibles. A raíz de los intensos avances en el campo de la tecnología, cabe esperar que también en la educación  online se produzca un crecimiento medio de un  23 % durante los años ...

The Future of MOOCs: Giving the World Access to Education

20 de Abril de 2015.


Global communication and virtual networking has indelibly changed virtually all aspects of communication. Where 100 years ago the telephone was finally accessible enough to begin revolutionizing communication after centuries of stagnation, now we can communicate face-to-face with anyone, anywhere. We can share and collaborate on work, visit distant family members, and thanks to the MOOC ...

Infantium Goes CoronaSDK

18 de Junio de 2014.


Infantium is glad to announce the partnering and native Corona plugin support in the outcoming days.

Corona is the platform of choice for cross platform mobile app development.

Whether you’re building games, ebooks, utilities or business apps, Corona is the leading mobile development framework. Join more than 200k developers worldwide developing hit mobile apps for ...