Keeping Kids Active Indoors

Keeping Kids Active Indoors: The Best Activities

When the entire pandemic situation happened, people were forced to stay indoors in order to avoid contagion. That meant that entire families had to stay at home for a large period of time. While parents were able to understand this, for children it became complicated to fully engage into the idea that they could no longer go to the park, attend school, or even visit their friends for playdates. In addition, all museums, restaurants, entertainment venues, playgrounds, movie theaters were closed so parents were forced to find entertainment indoors.

While this was easy for some people, some parents lacked the creativity and imagination that involved keeping their kids active indoors. For that reason, here are some of the best and most entertaining ideas to keep your children having fun even when they are inside the house.

If You Have A Backyard, Use It

There is no better way to spend the day with your kids than doing activities outdoors while still being at home. Not only will it feel less tedious to be at home, but there is so much you can do with a backyard. Take advantage of the summer days and blow an inflatable pool and do water activities with your kids. Play soccer and use the space of your backyard as much as you can. If that means build a picnic outdoors, do it, or even use the outdoor space for them to run around and relax.

Manual Activities

Not only is this entertaining for kids but it is also calming and soothing. If you are indoors, set a table that can be used for manual crafts such as painting, using clay, or even drawing. Give your kids every day different activities and make sure that they use their imagination in the process. Manual activities are a great way to keep your children busy and entertained for a long time.

Movie Nights 

Make sure you do the best that you can to keep your kids away from the screens all day. Focus on physical activities or other types of entertainment methods that don’t involve technology. However, something fun that you can all do as a family is designate certain days a week to do a movie night. This is a fun way to use technology without using it all day. Don’t allow your kids to be glued to the screen all day and only allow tv time at specific times.

Use Their Toys

Your children probably have more toys than they can even keep track off. If you can, save some toys for another week, and only leave them with 5-10 toys. Designate a time for play and have them use their toys while they can. The purpose of saving part of their toys is for you to rotate them week after week so that they feel like they are getting new toys.