Relationship Repair: 4 Ways to Rebuild Connection with Kids and Teens

Relationship Repair: 4 Ways to Rebuild Connection with Kids and Teens

Sometimes parents are looked at as the bad guys because they are forced to scold their children over their bad behaviors and little by little their kids start to resent them and that relationship begins to weaken. When parents don’t work on building a connection with their teens or even their children this relationship starts to deteriorate. For that same reason parents are the ones that are meant to rebuild connections with their teens in order to continue having a good relationship as a family. Not only do you want to have a strong connection with your children, but you want them to be able to trust you and rely on you at all times. 

Inevitably, life gets in the way, and there are different situations that cause a tension in the life of parents and their children, however with the proper work and care, parents can easily fix that situation and work on it during time. Some relationships are easier to heal than others, while other connections might take more time to fix, however family comes first and there is nothing better than rebuilding the connection 

Here are some of the best tips when it comes to relationship repair.

1.Communication is Key

When it comes to relationship repair, something very important that parents need to focus on is communication with their children. Often this communication breaks with time,  and it becomes damaged from different situations. Important part here is to be very communicative with your children, express what you’re feeling and also would you expect from them, be very honest and truthful with your words so that they know that you are always there when they need you.

2.Be more open with your feelings

A very important way to rebuild a connection is to be more open with your feelings. Don’t be scared to say how you’re feeling, so that your children know that is okay to be open about their feelings as well. This means let them know when you’re mad, sad, upset, or happy, whatever feeling you are experiencing is completely valid, and your children need to know this as well. Let them know that old feelings and emotions are accepted and they’re going to be heard as well.

3.Treat them, like you want them to treat you

When it comes to teenagers, they expect parents to treat them like adults however they don’t act as such. Make sure you don’t treat them like children because they are essentially growing up, however give them the same treatment that you expect from them. If you expect respect, respect them as well. Be very clear regarding this tactic, let them know that any erratic Behavior will be the same way that you’re going to treat them. 

4.Make Agreements

The best way to reveal the connection is to come to agreement with your children. Be very open and communicative with what you want and what you expect from them, and make agreements so that both sides feel heard.