Why Choosing a 29-Day Home Sale Guarantee Could Be a Game-Changer

Why Choosing a 29-Day Home Sale Guarantee Could Be a Game-Changer

A home sale that falls through can be a massive headache for the seller and the real estate agent. This article will discuss why using a guaranteed sale contract could be a game-changer for both parties.

Many homeowners worry they will find their dream home before their current home sells, leaving them stuck paying two mortgages. A guaranteed sale program can help relieve this stress by offering peace of mind that the property will sell within a specific timeframe.

Increased Chances of Closing

Home sale contingencies can be a big deal for buyers. If they don’t sell their house in time, they may lose out on a dream home or get stuck paying two mortgages. A 29-day home sale program like Lang Estates guarantee could help solve this problem. A guaranteed sale contract usually allows sellers to continue marketing their homes while awaiting a buyer. It also allows them to accept offers on their home without worrying about a home sale contingency scuttling the deal.

Even with a guaranteed sale, problems can still delay closing escrow. For example, a title search may reveal a lien against the property, or an appraisal may come below the expected value. These issues can cause a delay in closing or lead to the cancellation of the deal altogether.

Fortunately, lenders have ways of helping to avoid these delays. They can offer services like free credit monitoring for borrowers to help them keep track of changes that may impact their ability to close on a home.

They can also provide more information to borrowers about their loan terms so that they can plan accordingly. Sometimes, the lender can waive closing costs to encourage a quick close. This can help the borrower have more cash for other expenses related to moving into their new home or closing on their existing one.

Increased Chances of Getting More Money

Often, buyers who make an offer without a home sale contingency ask the seller to gamble on whether they will sell their property in time. This means that the buyer may have to pay for things like a home inspection and bank fees, which will not be refunded if the deal falls through because of the seller’s inability to sell their current home.

A 29-day home sale guarantee can help eliminate this risk for sellers, meaning they could get more money for their homes when selling. 

Increased Chances of Getting a Quick Sale

While it may seem counterintuitive to work with a real estate agent when trying to sell your home quickly, working with an experienced professional can help you get the job done. The right agent at  Clarkston, MI, can help you stage your property to inspire a quick sale, understand your home’s value and prepare a fair counteroffer to maximize your profits.

Many homeowners need to sell their homes quickly for various reasons: they might be moving for a new job, going through a divorce or separation, or want to move up to their dream home before it’s too late. Whatever the reason, selling your home can be stressful and time-consuming.

Depending on the situation, a homeowner might sell their home to speed up the process and avoid dealing with mortgage contingencies. While these companies may offer a quicker closing than the open market, they typically pay significantly less for your property.

Pricing your home too low can attract skepticism from potential buyers who fear getting the short end of the stick. A good realtor can run a comparative market analysis to understand what similar homes are selling for in your area and then price your home accordingly. They can also work with a title company to ensure that any issues discovered during the home inspection or title search don’t stall the transaction.

Increased Chances of Getting a Quick Closing

In a traditional sale with a mortgage lender, closing often takes weeks to complete the process. If the buyer’s mortgage application falls through or there are other delays, such as issues uncovered during home inspections, it can take even longer to close on the property. With an all-cash offer, however, buyers typically don’t need a mortgage contingency, and the closing process may be completed in as little as two weeks.

If the seller needs to move out of their current home to close on a new one, they’ll likely want to sign a short-term rent-back agreement. These agreements will spell out the time the sellers will have to continue living in the property after closing, and it’s essential to research comparable properties in the area to figure out a fair rental rate.

If you want to sell your house in 29 days and get the best price possible, working with a real estate agency with experience in bringing homes to market quickly is essential. Choosing a guaranteed sale program can help you avoid costly delays that might make it challenging to sell your home for the price you want.