Keep Your Teen Engaged During Your Next Road Trip

Keep Your Teen Engaged During Your Next Road Trip

Planning a vacation with teenagers can seem like a road trip filled with sullen silence or rebellious tantrums. Rather than letting your teens sit on their phones, look for ways to engage them to help build great memories.

Take these steps to help plan a trip filled with great memories for you and your teens.

Select the Vehicle

If you have multiple automobiles, choose to take the safest, most comfortable one. If your vehicles have extensive miles, consider looking at a new Ford for sale to reduce the risk of car breakdowns.

Your vehicle should be comfortable for everyone. Make sure there are enough charging outlets as well as passenger headphones. Most teens love to rest under a blanket, so find soft travel blankets and pillows to relax.

Get Their Input

Ask your teenager what they would like to do on the road trip. Use the internet to explore the destination and find activities, restaurants, or stores that interest them. Look for activities your teen may enjoy and ask if they are interested. An art museum may offer gallery tours for your art-loving teenager. Active teens may enjoy swimming with dolphins or an owl prowl.

Have Teens Navigate

Invest in paper maps and ask them to channel their inner explorer. You can ask them to select the fastest route, or they can plan a few off-course excursions to visit towns with unique histories.

If your teen is of driving age, they should take the wheel for a while. Traveling on unfamiliar roads can help them become a more confident driver.

Create a Challenge

Build a few small family challenges for your travels. Winners of challenges can get bragging rights or the opportunity to select the dinner location for the evening. You may even see them put their devices down and smile at you. Some family-friendly competitions include:

  • Memory games
  • Photo competitions
  • Name that song
  • Would you rather?

Take a Break

As tempting as it is to schedule every second of the trip, teens need a break. They need time to decompress and relax. Give your teenager independence by allowing them to get a coffee at the hotel kiosk.

If safety is a concern, you can escort them to their destination and then keep an eye on them from a distance.

Give Up Control

Nothing says trust better than handing over control of the music to your teen. Ask them to develop playlists for the road. You can give them a little guidance—no lullabies during drive time—or let them control the tunes. You may learn a new song during the road trip.

Either way, you can learn more about your teens’ interests based on the music they play.

Take a Breath

Every parent knows the importance of a break. Turn off the television and meditate. Read a book. Relax by the pool. If your teen starts to misbehave, try to pick your battles. Redirect them to more appropriate activities or give them time to decompress.

Traveling with teenagers doesn’t have to be a battle. With planning and communication, you can have a successful trip.