What TV Shows Are Good to Stream on the Weekend?

What TV Shows Are Good to Stream on the Weekend?

Nowadays, choosing what to watch can seem nearly impossible with the number of streaming providers available. Sometimes we get caught browsing and scrolling for so long on what tv shows to watch next that we give up and switch off the TV. Despite this, it can be challenging to choose from all the popular TV episodes and films on websites like Netflix (not to mention that popular doesn’t always equate to good). Fortunately, we’ve chosen to simplify this process by selecting some of the top shows and films from various streaming providers, making that interminable scroll a thing of the past.

Stranger Things 

The third season of Stranger Things is finally available to stream on Netflix. The show broke records when it debuted over the July 4th holiday weekend, bringing in more than 40 million household accounts. The first four days alone have seen more viewers than any other show in the company’s history. So far, 18.2 million people have watched the entire season.

It’s worth checking out on a Friday night. The first season dropped in May 2016, and if you missed the first season, it’s easy to catch up on the latest season by the time the new season hits Netflix. The third season has eight episodes, and it’s easy to binge-watch before your co-workers give you the dirty secret.

The third season continues the story of Hawkins, Indiana. The main cast returns, including David Harbour as Jim Hopper, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler. Other actors include Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton, and Winona Ryder.

The Midnight Club

If you want to watch something a little gloomier on Netflix this weekend, look no further than The Midnight Club. Set in a hospice for teens, the series follows the lives of young patients living out their final days. The show is particularly suspenseful, as each episode features a different club member telling a story.

The series is split into two arcs: one is set in the future, while the other is set in the ’80s. The show also delves into complex theological issues, including the nature of sin and the tendency of human beings to put faith in the wrong places. It is one of the best shows to stream on the weekend.

The Midnight Club stars Iman Benson as a dying teenage girl. She convinces her dad to send her to a hospice, but she begins to experience visions before she arrives. As the series progresses, she begins to uncover unsettling facts about Brightcliffe and its residents. While living, she forms a close bond with the other kids. They also share a common interest: the scary stories they have heard about.

BoJack Horseman 

If you’re looking for something funny and light-hearted to watch over the weekend, BoJack Horseman might be a perfect choice. This animated series follows an anthropomorphic horse trying to make it in Hollywood. His exploits are sometimes treated for dramatic or comedic effect but ultimately come back to haunt him. BoJack isn’t exactly a good person, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be funny or charming.

BoJack Horseman is one of those rare animated series that melds a heavy message with a sense of comedy. The series tackles a variety of subjects, including the struggles of addiction and depression. As BoJack grows older, he begins to feel the weight of his problems, including his addiction to drugs and alcohol. In the season’s finale, he decides to go to rehab.

Unlike most adult animated TV shows, BoJack is a master storyteller. Even though the series is one of the saddest series of all time, BoJack manages to be hopeful and funny. This is a rare accomplishment for an adult animated series, especially one hailed as one of the greatest adult animated series.


Netflix’s Atlanta is back, and after a brief jaunt to Europe, it’s back home. The strange, artful show has become a favorite of Donald Glover’s and its other cast members. The series can make its audience laugh while giving them something to think about. Atlanta is a special place for Netflix, so it’s no surprise that the streaming giant has made the city its film production hub. In the last decade, countless movies and TV shows have been filmed in Atlanta, and many of these films are currently on Netflix. The next film in Atlanta is Man in Full, a limited series of six episodes. Casting is currently underway. Atlanta has also been home to the Stranger Things franchise, which has run for three seasons on Netflix.