Can CBD help your Dog?

Can CBD help your Dog?

CBD is the latest trending product in the market. Not only is it appealing because of its natural origin, but also because just in the same way that it can provide humans with tons of health benefits, it can also do the same thing for animals/pets. There is nothing that dog owners love more than being able to provide their pets with high-quality products that they can also use themselves. Just in the same way that people are more conscious of what they put into their bodies, they also want the best products for their pets and that is why CBD has increased in popularity in the past couple of years.

Understanding CBD and THC

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The concept of CBD is linked to marijuana, and a lot of people are scared to try CBD products just because they believe that it will get them high. Something that users need to understand is that CBD and THC are two different things. While both strains come from the cannabis plant, they are two different compounds. 

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THC has a psychoactive effect that is what gives people the effect of being high, while CBD is the pure strain that provides users tons of health benefits without causing them the feeling of being high.

It is the same for animals as well, there are CBD products that are meant for animals, and some of these might contain THC or some pure isolated CBD. The most important thing is to ask your vet what type of strain your dog needs in order for you to medicate them accordingly.

How Does CBD Affect/Benefit Dogs?

In the same way that CBD can help humans, it can have the same benefits for pets. Research shows that cannabinoids interact with the peripheral nervous system of the pets, and in this way it can provide tons of benefits that will keep them healthy, and in a balanced state.

CBD can help pets to treat their anxiety, deal with chronic pain, even deal with depression or insomnia. It is actually a preferred form of medication because it comes from natural origins, whereas other forms of pharmaceuticals don’t even have natural ingredients in them.

CBD Products on the Market for Pets

There are actually tons of options available on the market when it comes to CBD for pets. You can find these types of products in numerous forms such as oils, pills, creams, and even in the form of edibles. The main thing that you have to look out for is that the products are made for pets and not humans. While they might have similar ingredients, the strength of a CBD infused product for pets should be less than for humans. Pets can’t tolerate the same amount of dosage that is found in a human CBD product. Honest Paws CBD are a great brand that manages a lot of CBD products designed for pets. This is one of the best ways for owners to buy CBD products for their dogs, spotting a company that specializes in this sort of products and shopping directly from them.

How do you find the best CBD oil for dogs?

Everyone wants the best products for their dogs, and they will do anything in order to find it. If people are already searching for the new wellness trends for pets, then they are probably also looking for the highest-quality products in the entire market. Even when there are many competitors in the CBD market, there are a couple of ways on how pet-owners can find the best products out there.

The first tip is to compare products. Whenever you bump into a good one, check for the competition in order to see which one handles a better quality. Another way to check out is by revising the lab-test certificate from each company in order to see which product has a more natural and organic manufacturing process. Labels can often be misleading so therefore, make sure you check out every bit of information that you can about the company. You want to make sure that your pet is getting nothing but the best.

If you are looking to get started on CBD product shopping for pets, check out the company called Honest Paws, not only do they offer tons of CBD options for different pets, but they also offer different potencies and products according to what your dog needs.

What is the best way to give your pets CBD?

Just like regular medicine, dogs hate it when something doesn’t taste good. That means that if you are going to give them a wellness CBD treatment, do it in the form of a tasty edible. There are now tons of CBD products that are presented in the form of chewy treats of even edible oils that are flavors especially for pets to enjoy. For instance you will find peanut butter, duck, bacon, meat, among other options, in the form of soft and chewy treats that your pet will surely enjoy. This way you won’t have to force medicine down their throats or even hide it in a tasty treat.

Make sure that in order to give your pets the correct dosage you consult this with your vet beforehand. They will prescribe your pet the correct amount of potency in a product so that it can help them treat any condition that they might have.

Truly, CBD has proved itself to be a reliable option, both for humans as well as for pets. Not only does this natural remedy come in handy to treat numerous health conditions, but every day it seems that there are more and more benefits to it.