Advantages of Using Orange Curriculum

Advantages of Using Orange Curriculum

Using the Orange curriculum can be an excellent choice for parents looking to make the most of every phase. It is a nonprofit organization funded by donations. This is one option if you’re looking for a Christian curriculum for your children.


Orange Curriculum has been designed with smaller kid ministries in mind. Its flexible curriculum includes resources that fit the needs of smaller churches while still maintaining the great features of a more extensive church curriculum. For example, many of the lessons have video supplements. It allows a teacher to supplement stories told by live storytellers. While it might be less expensive to use video lessons than live storytellers, they are still more flexible and are a great resource to supplement live storyteller lessons.

The Orange Curriculum is a powerful resource for church leaders looking to build spiritual foundations in their kids. It combines theology with child development to provide a powerful educational experience. It starts with the foundation of loving God and branches out into topics such as passion, discovery, and wonder. The curriculum allows ministry leaders to lay the foundation for spiritual growth and biblical understanding in children.

Focus on the light

Orange Curriculum is a hybrid learning style that combines the power of light with the love of God. The light represents the church, while love represents the home. This approach to teaching God’s word helps build deep faith roots. It is offered both online and offline. Orange Curriculum is an excellent option for parents who want to engage their children in the church’s spiritual growth.

The curriculum’s design helps teachers differentiate learning by age group. The curriculum also teaches children to practice their faith between generations—the attitude of church members matters. If everyone practices love, it will influence others to do the same. The curriculum uses 21st-century technology, music videos, dramatic presentations, printed materials, and social media.

Focus on the heart

If you’re a parent looking for an age-appropriate children’s curriculum, you should consider OrangeOrange. This program brings together age-appropriate content with the truth of God’s word. It can be used in any church setting. Orange is a nonprofit organization funded through donations and product sales.

Orange believes parents are the number one influence in a child’s life. Therefore, it helps parents develop spiritual habits. In addition, their curriculum encourages parents to learn alongside their children. This way, parents will be better able to impact their children’s faith and spread the gospel to others.

The synergy between church and home

The orange curriculum helps synergize church and home environments. Orange is a ministry approach that combines the two most significant influences in a child’s life – church and home. This method gives each phase of a child’s life a stronger, more integrated connection.

A primary goal of Think Orange is to foster an authentic relationship with Heavenly Father while strengthening community bonds, fueling faith, and building discipleship networks. It also helps equip parents to continue these conversations at home. With OrangeOrange, parents can reach out to their children, creating a stronger church-home relationship.

The orange curriculum combines church and family values with the word of God. It bridges the gap between church and home and enables future generations to experience the joys of worship, compassion, and faith.


If you’re considering using Orange Curriculum for your children’s Christian education, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. This popular Christian curriculum offers excellent reviews and is also available in Spanish. You may even have the option to try out the curriculum for free before you purchase it. But, regardless of the cost, this Christian curriculum is a great choice.

The curriculum is designed to engage children in a fun, relevant way. It has easy-to-understand lessons and subtle adjustments for different age groups. It comes with a media package, free parenting apps, and a ministry specialist to help you teach the curriculum effectively. In addition, Orange offers a variety of pricing options, depending on the number of kids you’re teaching.