How to Deal When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style

How to Deal When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting Style

Regardless of how you choose to raise your children there is always going to be someone that disapproves of what you are going. Whether this is a comment from a stranger, a family member or a friend; the worst thing is that often these comments hurt or offend the parents and some people get very tired of hearing them on a regular basis. The key is to figure out what information you are going to recieve, and what you are going to tune out.

Every parent is different from one-another, everyone was raised differently and therefore people have raised their children with their own parenting techniques. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that people won’t try to tell you what to do. Specially other parents have a bad tendency of judging other parents for their parenting style.While this can be extremely annoying, you have to come to terms with the fact that a lot of people are simply trying to help by giving advice. For that reason, you need some helpful tips to deal with those that constantly criticize your parenting style. 

Hear them out, but ignore their judgements

This is by far one of the easiest ways to deal with criticizing comments. Hear people out when they are giving you their opinion, and make them believe like you are truly listening when you are simply stunning them out. There is no reason why they should find out that you are never going to apply what they are telling you, but you are going to look very polite and respectful after hearing them and making others think that you take into consideration their criticism. 

When in doubt, ask your pediatrician

Some of the external critics to your parenting style might make you doubt or second-guess if you are doing the right job. If someone is criticizing your parenting style, thank them for their tips, and then go ahead and ask your doctor if you are doing something wrong. You can’t listen to everybody, and follow everyone’s tips, therefore listen for comments and ask your pediatrician.

Ask them to give you constructive criticism without negative judgement

Most people precisely know how to give a judgemental comment but they won’t say anything helpful in return. Therefore ask people that judge you to give you tips on how to make it better, or what they recommend. This way people will come to terms to realize that if they can’t say positive feedback, they might not even want to judge in the first place.