Anything to Know About the Fabric For Shapewear

Anything to Know About the Fabric For Shapewear

When buying shapewear, choosing the suitable fabric for your needs is essential. Microfiber fabric, Spandex, or Nylon? Which is better for you? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? And what about Built-in shapewear? Read on to learn more.

Microfiber fabric

Microfiber fabric is an excellent option for shapewear. It has many benefits, including absorbing sweat, controlling odor, and being virtually invisible. In addition, this fabric allows you to wear tighter clothes without the fabric sticking to you. Microfiber shapewear also helps you achieve a slimmer waist and natural curve.

Microfibers are extremely thin but have a robust and supple feel. They are also very durable, making them perfect for athletic clothing. Microfibers are also easy to wash, making them an excellent choice for shapewear. Use a gentle machine cycle or hand wash to care for your shapewear. Avoid using acidic cleaning solutions or chlorine bleach, as they can damage the fibers.


Nylon fabric for shapewear offers several benefits. It is exceptionally supple and can take the shape of your body and recover its form when you relax. This feature makes the shapewear very comfortable and prevents it from rubbing against your skin. It also adds to the breathability and moisture-wicking ability of the shapewear.

Nylon is made from long chains of monomers that are joined together. These molecules are extracted from crude oil and combined with another chemical, adipic acid. This results in a polymer called nylon salt. The nylon salt is then heated to a high temperature to create a fiber.


Spandex fabric is a synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. It can stretch up to eight times its original size. It is used for shapewear, swimwear, and athletic gear. It is made in a laboratory. The manufacturing process involves spinning, melt extrusion, and reaction spinning. After undergoing these steps, the finished fabric is ready for weaving.

It is a manufactured fiber that is stronger, lighter, and stretchier than rubber. It is composed of innumerable polymer strands resistant to wear and tear. Unlike natural fibers, spandex fabric never sags or loses its shape or original length. It also resists abrasion and needle cuts. Its elasticity makes it ideal for use in shapewear.

Built-in shapewear

Built-in shapewear is woven into garments, offering light support in crucial areas. Its breathable material makes a woman feel comfortable and dry throughout the day. It is often designed as pants and can be worn as such. Some types of shapewear are even intended to be worn under a pair of pants, such as leggings.

Many types of built-in shapewear are made from spandex or nylon. Others contain natural fibers such as modal or cupro fiber. Natural fibers like these have high compression and help shape the tummy and buttocks. While traditional shapewear is made of spandex fabric with glued bones, more sophisticated products contain triangular silk or chitin to promote metabolism in the panel.

Light compression

Shapewear made from light compression fabric offers several benefits. It keeps you comfortable, and shapewear is also effective in weight loss. It compresses the stomach and forces you to eat fewer calories. This helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite. Also, light compression fabric is much easier on the skin.

It is comfortable, breathable, and can reduce the appearance of sagging skin. It also helps smoothen curves, giving you a more hourglass figure. It can also help prevent muffin-tops and belly pooches.

Firm control

The best shapewear pieces are made from breathable, stretchy fabric with a seamless foundation. Many shapewear styles from Up & Under are made with these qualities and provide a flawless figure instantly, as well as the ability to keep the constitution the way you want all day long. In addition, Up & Under’s Nine2Five and Power Hour collections feature classic fabric, which provides an overall perfecting effect.

Firm control shapewear is available in a variety of designs and fabrics. Some models are dress oriented, while others are made to accentuate a figure. Shapewear styles can be found in all sizes, from XS to 6X. These pieces are typically made from breathable, polyester elastomer fabric.