4 Things to Do During a Tantrum and What Not to Do

4 Things to Do During a Tantrum and What Not to Do

As a parent you are expected your kids to throw tantrums, and not just one, but many of them and constantly. You might run out of patience with them and even give in eventually but this only feeds into their bad behavior. It is important to maintain yourself firm and to follow certain guidelines to make it obvious that that behavior is not acceptable. 

Here are some tips on how to respond to difficult toddler behavior

1.Communication and talk

First of all, talk things out. Be very patient with them and have them explain to you what is going on and why they are upset. All feelings are valid, and therefore don’t ignore what they are going through even if it doesn’t sound important. Make sure you openly listen to them and hear them out. That moment when they decide to communicate their feelings with you will give them a chance of venting and decreasing their anger.

2.Don’t tell your child how to feel

Often parents do this without realising, they tell them it is not a big deal and that they are crying and getting upset over something that is not worth it. Allow them to feel their own emotions and don’t tell your children how to feel. Give them the opportunity to feel a certain way, just let them know what is the correct manner of giving into a feeling. For instance if they are mad,throwing things, kicking stuff, or yelling is an unacceptable behavior. Let them know it is okay to be mad, and if they are they should walk around while they calm down, or even go to their room in order to have some quiet time.

3.Don’t give into tantrums

Often parents give into tantrums and bad behavior because they lose their patience and they become tired and irritated over their kids bad behavior. The more you cave in, the more you are incentivizing bad behavior and letting your kids know that they will get their way by throwing tantrums. Be patient and explain to your kids that a tantrum is not the way to get something, and that bad behavior is never going to help them. Once they realize this, they will stop trying to get their way through bad behavior.

4.Lose the empty threats

Nothing is worse than empty threats when it comes to your child’s bad behavior. Not only will they learn that those are empty threats and that there is really no consequence from their bad behavior, but really, it is not the best way to deal with bad behavior. Threatening someone’s behavior with a punishment is not the ideal way to solve a tantrum. Approach your kids with patience and be calm, talk to them and hear them out. The worst thing that you can do, is threaten punishment over feelings that they can’t control.